Instagram Story Downloader

Download, save and view your favorite Instagram stories and highlights online quickly and easily.

How to download Instagram stories to your device


Copy Username

Go to Instagram and search for a person. Copy the username and save it to your clipboard.


Fill in the username to our service

Paste the username in our username box above. Then click "Get Stories".


Download the Stories

You can view the stories anonymously and if you like it you're able to download them to your device.

Why you should use Story Downloader


Our project works on all devices.


The request just takes some seconds. It's very fast.


Very easy to use and no software needed.


We don't track any data from our user.


Watch stories and highlights anonymously. Nobody knows that you're a stalker!


Our Story Downloader is free and will stay so.


Instagram is becoming increasingly popular and many people enjoy posting videos, photos and stories on Instagram every day. With the increase in the number of users on Instagram, the number of people who want to download stories and other media from Instagram has also increased. With our free story downloader you now have the option to view and download stories of anyone on instagram (except private profiles). Nobody will notice that you have looked at the story. For example, you can spy on your ex, your friends or your new crush without being recognized. The process of our story downloader is very simple. All you need is the person's username. You insert this into the textbox above & click on the button. After that all available stories are displayed. We hope you enjoy our service.